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Honeycomb flow straightener

For ideal measurement results, Woltman meters require that the water enters the turbine of the water meter in an unimpeded flow pattern.

In order to ensure this, inlet and outlet zones are required. T-pieces, elbows or partially open valves create eddies in the water and an irregular flow-rate profile. If this turbulence reaches the meter, it will have a long-term effect on the measurement results. This problem can be solved by using the honeycomb rectifier.

32 square, axial channels rectify the turbulence of the water inside the pipeline.
There is a punched disc at the outlet of the honeycomb unit, the open cross-section of which is equal to approximately half the cross-section of the pipe. The water flowing in is braked and the subsequent square channels rectify any remaining turbulence.

Pressure loss due to the honeycomb rectifier is approximately 0.1 bar at a flow-rate of 3 m/sec.
The metal flange of the punched disc serves to attach the rectifier between two flanges and the honeycomb unit faces downstream.

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Honeycomb flow straightener


  • Made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • To slow down the jet profile

Product options

Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 50
  • DN 80
  • DN 100
  • DN 125
  • DN 150
  • DN 200


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