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The transmitter enables mobile remote read-out of measuring devices and bus systems, as well as mobile parameterising of measuring devices.

The MinoConnect universal read-out tool is used for read-out and parameterising of measuring devices or bus systems. The MinoConnect replaces the cable connection between a serial device and a PC / hand-held device via a Bluetooth connection. Devices that until now had to be connected to a PC / hand-held device via RS232 with SubD9 plug, are now connected to the MinoConnect. Further connection between MinoConnect and the PC / hand-held device is via Bluetooth. In this way, the user easily creates a wireless connection with the device to be read and has two hands free to operate his PC, laptop, hand-held device or his Smartphone.

The device is battery-powered and provides both an RS232 and an RS485 interface. In conjunction with the IrCombiHead optical head specially developed[nbsp] by ZENNER, the IEC 62056 (1107) and IrDa interfaces are supported. With MinoConnect and the IrCombiHead, a universally usable tool for read-out or parameterising of measuring devices from different manufacturers is available. As an alternative to the Bluetooth version, ZENNER also supplies MinoConnect with an USB connection.

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MinoConnect - universal readout tool
MinoConnect - universal readout toolMinoConnect readout tool with IrCombiHead




  • Battery-powered
  • Simple operation via stylus
  • Status LED indicates the operational status
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • In combination with the ZENNER opto head IrCombiHead it supports the connections to the interfaces IEC 62056
  • (1107) and IrDa
  • Integradted torch
  • Enables remote readout by radio for all ZENNER devices equipped with wireless-M-Bus interface (868 Mhz)


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