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Compound Water Meters

Sizes 3” through 8” Custom 10” through 20” (Special Order)

Compound Meters are for use in measurement of potable cold water in commercial and industrial services where flows are in one direction.


ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters utilize a turbine type meter on the main flow line and a proportionately sized meter on the low flow/bypass line. A change over valve controls the flow of water through the appropriate measuring device. Before the valve opens, all water flows through a low flow meter. As pressure rises the valve opens, water flows through both meters. Movement of the measuring elements are transmitted to drive magnets which transmit the motion to driven magnets located within hermetically sealed registers. The magnets are connected to gear trains which translate the rotations into volume totalization displayed on the register dial faces.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters consist of a Turbine Meter (PMT), proportionately sized meter on the low flow/bypass line, bronze strainer, changeover valve, bypass shut-off valves and outlet spool with test port.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters are engineered and manufactured to provide long-term service and operate virtually maintenance free. The Performance Turbine Meter can easily be maintained without removing the meter from the compound meter assembly, by simply removing the unitized measuring element and register assembly. The smaller meter on the low flow line has its own shut-off valve which allows temporary isolation of the meter and check valve being worked on, while water can continue to flow through the turbine meter.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters are tested and comply with AWWA C702 performance standards.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Compound Meters come standard with built-in Bronze Strainer, unless otherwise specified.

Companion flanges for installation of meters on various pipe types and sizes are available.

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Compound Water Meters
Compound Water MetersCompound Water MetersCompound Water Meters


Compound Water Meters


Compound Meters are designed for applications where flows are usually medium and high but can occasionally be low. They are for use in measurement of potable cold water.

Product options

Length (Inches)
  • 24"
  • 29"
  • 36 1/2"
  • 55 1/4"
Maximum Temperature (°F)
  • Water up to 140° F
Maximum Working Pressure
  • P.S.I. 160
Measuring Principle
  • Turbine Meters
  • Dry Dial
Specified Units on Display
  • U.S. Gallons (g)


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