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PERFORMANCE Fire Hydrant Meters

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are designed to measure a wide variety of cold potable water flows from fire hydrants where flows are in one direction.

These Meters are light weight portable units designed for temporary installations.


Water flows through the turbine section causing the rotor to turn proportionately to the quantity of water flowing through the meter. A drive magnet transmits the motion of the rotor to a driven magnet located within the hermetically sealed register. The magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the rotations into volume totalization displayed on the register dial face. The only moving parts in the meter are the rotor assembly and vertical shaft .

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters consist of several basic components: light weight aluminium main case, turbine type measuring element assembly, sealed register, aluminum cover plate, stainless steel hardware, brass lid assembly, aluminum or brass swivel and nipple, aluminum or stainless steel handles, etc. The measuring element assembly includes the rotor assembly, vertical shaft and a calibration vane which eliminates the need for calibration change gears.

The standard ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meter (FHP25) has a permanent flow restrictor machined into the main case. This limits the maximum flow of water through the meter and provides protection for the measuring element from being overrun when the meter discharges. The restrictor plate may be enlarged for specific utility requirements.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are engineered and manufactured to provide long-term service and operate virtually maintenance free. If maintenance is necessary the measuring element can be removed from the main case.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are tested and comply with AWWA C701 Class II performance standards.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters come standard with a large built-in 54 square inch strainer.

ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meters are typically configured with bronze connections, although aluminum connections are available.

Gate Valves, check valves, reduced pressure Backflow Preventers, locking devices, special order connections, aluminum double handles, stainless steel double handles, pistol grip handles, “add-on” restrictor plates and stands.

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Performance Fire Hydrant Meters
Performance Fire Hydrant MetersPerformance Fire Hydrant MetersPerformance Fire Hydrant MetersPerformance Fire Hydrant Meters


PERFORMANCE Fire Hydrant Meters


3” Model FHP
U.S.A. Patent, other Patents Pending

FHP Housing Configurations
1) FHP25: 2-1/2″ FIPT In x 2-1/2″ FIPT Out, Restrictor on Outlet Port
2) FHP30: 3″ FIPT In x 3″ FIPT Out, Open Outlet Port

FHP Handle Options:
1) FHP25D or FHP30D: Double Handles, Aluminum
2) FHP25S or FHP30S: Double Handles, Stainless Steel, Strap
3) FHP25P or FHP30P: Single Handle, Padlock
4) FHP25B or FHP30B: Single Handle, Barrel Lock
5) FHP25N or FHP30N: No Handles

Product options

Housing Material
  • Aluminum
Length (Inches)
  • 17"
Maximum Temperature (°F)
  • Water up to 140° F
Maximum Working Pressure
  • P.S.I. 150
Nominal Diameter (inch)
  • 3"


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