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Insulation for residential water meters

According to DIN 1988-200 pipes for cold potable water have to be isolated against condensation and unintended heating.

The condensation protection has to be ensured wherever dripping condensation water can lead to humidity damages.
By using the insulating cover of ZENNER, the development of condensation could be avoided on the domestic water meter.

Legal requirements are fulfilled. Mounting is performed with clip attachment. So is very easy to set up.

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Insulation for residential water meters
Insulation for residential water metersInsulation for residential water meters side viewInsulation for residential water meters


Insulation for residential water meters


  • For all standard domestic water meters with nominal size from Q3=4 (Qn2,5) to Q3=16 (Qn 10)
  • Easily and quickly mounted shell mold
  • Durable surface
  • Thanks to included mounting clips and cover[nbsp] closable after meter reading
  • Can continue to be used after calibration


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