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Atmos® - GPRS/NB-IoT Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter

GPRS/NB IOT gas meter is a smart gas metering product based on ZENNER mechanical diaphragm gas meter,combined with a built-in shut-off valve basement and a smart controller with GPRS/NB-IoT communication module.

With the connection of GPRS/ NB-IoT wireless network, the following functions could be realized:

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Atmos® - GPRS/NB-IoT Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter

Performance characteristics in overview

  • Data transmitted to cloud platform for analyzing
  • Block pricing
  • Alarm: low balance and low battery alarm, temper alarm, leakage alarm, overflow alarm, etc.
  • Remote monitoring, remote control
  • Remote valve control
  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • Combined with new media channels to achieve remote charging and real time
  • interaction GPRS/ NB-IoT communication technology
  • Optical sampling
  • Fast shut-off valve
  • Lithium battery with more than 10 years life time

Product options

Measuring Principle
  • Diaphragm Gas Meters
Housing Material
  • Galvanized steel sheet
Nominal Flow Q3 (≈ Qn)
  • Q3=1,6 (≈ Qn 1)
  • Q3=2,5 (≈ Qn 1,5)
  • Q3=4 (≈ Qn 2,5)
Communication Technologies
  • Radio via GPRS
  • Radio via Narrow Band IoT
Max. Operating Pressure (bar)
  • 0,5


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