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ZYL Series Rotary Flow Meter

ZYL Series Rotary Flow Meter is a kind of volumetric flow meter that accurately measures the passage of gas.

Under the condition of temperature and pressure at the time of measurement the volume of gas is directly displayed through a mechanical index with high precision wide range high reliability and long life.

It is applicable to the measurement of gas flow in closed pipelines and can be widely applied to the flow rate of non-corrosive gases such as natural gas coal gas inert gas and air. It is an ideal flow metering device for petroleum chemical industrial civil boilers gas pressure regulating boxes scientific research and other departments. As a traditional positive displacement instrument it uses a rotary fixed displacement principle with precision from a pair of precision machined rotors and a robust metering chamber to ensure permanent and high accuracy.

The measurement accuracy is not affected by changes in gas specific gravity pressure and flow rate. It is especially suitable for high-precision medium-flow measurement range. The meter body is compact and sturdy. It doesn’t require straight pipe at the inlet and is suitable for installation in narrow environments.

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Rotary Flow Meter
Rotary Flow Meter


ZYL Series Rotary Flow Meter

Performance characteristics in overview

  • High intensity
    The casing is made of highstrength aluminum alloy material which increases the wall thickness making it resistant to stresses during installation and guarantees long-term system stability and metering accuracy.
  • Optimized rotor structure
    After optimizing the design of the rotor head profile the seal type between the rotor and the casing is changed from the line seal to the surface seal to improve the sealing effect and expand the range of the meter.
  • Long lifetime
    The surfaces of casing and rotor are formed through a special chemical treatment to form a hard oxide film enhancing wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The rotor between the rotor and between casing wear free rotated non-contact sealing to ensure long-term stability of work.
  • High precision and high reliability
    Imported highprecision ball bearings have permanent high precision without adjustment and are not affected by changes in media conditions ensuring long-term accuracy and stability of the product.
  • Wide range
    Range of different specifications can reach 160 : 1 even up to 250 : 1.
  • Low starting flow rate
    The starting flow of flow meters of different specifications ranges from 0.02m /h to 0.6m /h.
  • Small pressure loss
    The pressure loss of the flow meters of different specifications is from 0.05kPa~0.5kPa.
  • Multiple structural types
    ● Basic type: with a mechanical counter showing the cumulative volume flow in the working conditions with a low-frequency pulser.
    ● Intelligent type: Equipped with electronic volume corrector with temperature pressure compensation wireless remote transmission IC card and other functions.