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MinoConnect Bluetooth Radio

MinoConnectBluetoothRadio is primarily used for mobile reception of meter data and status information of all meters and sensors with wireless M-Bus radio interface.

With MinoConnectBluetoothRadio in combination with a mobile readout device, you can easily read out measuring devices (water meters, heat meters, cooling meters, heat cost allocators and other sensors) with a wireless M-Bus interface using the walk-by or drive-by method.

With MinoConnectBluetoothRadio, the radio data telegrams of the meters are received and transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile handheld device. The battery-operated, mobile radio receiver processes T- and C-mode and can also be used when reading out all OMS*-compliant meters.

In addition, the MinoConnectBluetoothRadio has an interface for connecting the ZENNER optical head and offers the possibility of device configuration of ZENNER meters and sensors with optical interface.

*(OMS = Open Metering Specification)


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MinoConnect radio with wireless M-Bus Interface
MinoConnect radio with wireless M-Bus Interface


MinoConnect Bluetooth Radio


  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Easy handling via push-button
  • Status LED shows operating status
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • In connection with the ZENNER opto head IrCombiHead, supports the interfaces IEC 62056 (1107) and IrDa
  • Enables remote readout by radio for all ZENNER devices equipped with wireless-M-Bus interface (868 MHz)


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