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Energy calculator multidata WR3

The multidata WR3 is an energy calculator for heating and cooling that can be combined with all current volumetric flow sensors and temperature sensors.

The energy calculator multidata WR3 for heat meters and cooling meters can be opened without using tools. The part relevant for calibration is located in the lid of the housing such that the lower section of the housing can remain seated during connection. Malfunctions are automatically identified and can be shown in the display, with date, duration and malfunction type.

All relevant data are permanently stored at regular intervals using non-volatile memory. As standard, the energy calculator also has freely programmable data loggers.

In a special version approved in accordance with Guideline K 7.2, the multidata WR3 can also be used in cold generation plants. Hence, legally compliant accounting and allocation of cooling energy can also be achieved with the multidata WR3. The multidata WR3 is also outstandingly suitable for combined measurement of heat and cooling energy. The consumption data measured for cold and heat are stored in separate registers. Areas of application are air-conditioners in which both heating and cooling energy are delivered via the same pipelines.

The multifunctional display permanently displays the current consumption data. With the split energy calculator, all relevant measurement data can be retrieved via a control key in three self-explanatory display loops.
Reference date pose no problem for the energy calculator multidata WR3.

Of course, as a true all-rounder, the energy calculator multidata WR3 functions together with all sizes of volumetric flow sensor. A special version is available for connection with static ultrasonic volumetric flow sensor. multidata WR3 covers the flow range from Qn 0.6 to Qn 250 without a problem.

All standard units can be connected to two additional pulsers, e.g. a cold and hot water meter, in addition to the volumetric flow sensor. The heat meter/ cooling meter readings can be retrieved via the menu on the unit or via a read-out system.

Available designs

  • ZR bus including 2 inputs
  • M bus including 2 inputs
  • RS-232 including 2 inputs
  • 2 remote read-out outputs
  • Heat/cold measurement in one device
  • External mains supply
  • As heat meter, coling meter or combined calculator
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Product images

Energy calculator for heat meters/ cooling meters multidata WR3
Energy calculator for heat meters/ cooling meters multidata WR3


Energy calculator multidata WR3


  • Automatic diagnosis
  • Optional bus interfaces
  • 2 additional inputs / outputs as standard
  • Housing can be opened without tools
  • Large data logger optional additional memory
  • 2-wire or 4-wire temperature measuring principle
  • Customised numbers, 8-digit programmable
  • Wall and top-hat rail mounting integrated

Product options

AMR Technologies
  • M-Bus


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