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Water meter ETKD-M-CC R160

The ETKD R160 is a single-jet meter with a modular 8-digit register with protected magnetic coupling and glass/copper register (IP68).

Also available with plastic register on request. The individual advantage of the ETKD-M-CC / ETWD-M-CC  is an exceptionally compact design. With its low height, the meter easily adapts to any installation situation. The meter guarantees reliable recording of meter data for individual consumption billing. The housing of the ETKD-L R160 is made of glass-fibre
reinforced polymer plastic approved for drinking water.
The modulator disc enables electronic, non-reactive scanning and is the basis for remote reading of meter data via radio with LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus.
A combined M-Bus/pulse module is also possible.
All materials used in the drinking water sector comply with the required standards, guidelines, the current German Drinking Water Ordinance as well as the assessment
principles of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA lists).
The register with modulator disc is the base for data transfer via radio, M-Bus or pulse.

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Water meter ETKD-M-CC R160
Water meter ETKD-M-CC R160Water meter ETKD-L-M-CC R160


Water meter ETKD-M-CC R160

Performance characteristics in overview

  • Single-jet dry dial meter with protected magnetic coupling
  • With 8-digit register and modulator disc (≥1 l/pulse) for electronic, non-reactive scanning, as a basis for remote readout radio (wM-Bus, LPWAN), M-Bus or pulse
  • For horizontal and vertical installation (also for ascending and descending pipes)
  • Accuracy class R160 (corr. to class C)
  • Equipped with glass/copper register (IP68) as standard
  • Optionally available with plastic register (IP 64)
  • Fitted with protective cap as standard
  • Brass body according to UBA (Federal Environment Office) list
  • Register rotatable 355 °
  • Operating pressure MAP 16
  • Approved in accordance with MID


  • For the consumption measurement of cold and unpolluted drinking water or service water up to 50 °C

AMR options

  • Retrofittable with EDC module (Electronic Data Capture):
    -EDC LPWAN radio module (868 MHz) for LoRaWAN®
    -EDC wireless M-Bus radio module (868 MHz)
    -EDC combined M-Bus and pulse module

Product options

Measuring Principle
  • Single-Jet Meters
  • Dry Dial
  • Dry Dial protection class IP 68 ("Copper Can")
Housing Material
  • Brass
Nominal Flow Q3 (≈ Qn)
  • Q3=1,6 (≈ Qn 1)
  • Q3=2,5 (≈ Qn 1,5)
  • Q3=4 (≈ Qn 2,5)
Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 15
  • DN 20
Nominal Diameter (inch)
  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
Length without connectors
  • 110 mm
  • 115 mm
  • 130 mm
  • 165 mm
  • 170 mm
  • 190 mm
Metrological Class horizontal (max.)
  • R 125
  • R 200
Metrological Class vertical (max.)
  • R 80
Communication Technologies
  • Combined M-Bus and pulse module
  • Radio via LoRaWAN®
  • Radio via wireless M-Bus
  • M-Bus
  • Cold water up to 50 °C
Operating pressure (max.)
  • MAP 16
Additional Options
  • Copper Can (IP 68)
  • Modulator Disc for inductive sensors
Specified Units on Display
  • Cubic Meters (m³)


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