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Category: Videos

ZENNER News – Edition 7

The ZENNER News Edition 7 impressively shows how you can implement digital projects in the smart city with ZENNER.

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ZENNER News – Edition 6

This is how digitization is picking up speed: For ZENNER News Issue 6, we were guests at “Stadtwerke Dillingen” in Saarland and reported on the IoT project there, which we have implemented together with the Stadtwerke over the past few years.

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ZENNER News – Edition 5

ZENNER News edition 5 deals with current digital topics again. In the first video we present Smart Submetering with LoRaWAN®. The new german Heating Costs Ordinance (HKVO) prescribes the use of radio-capable measuring equipment. The second video shows how a system for flood protection can also be set up with LoRaWAN®. Concepts can be developed under laboratory conditions and situations in heavy rain or flooding can be simulated.

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