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Dirt filter for bulk water meters

In cases where difficult water quality is expected, ZENNER provides two different types of filters for improving the water quality.

Large suspended particles and fibrous contamination can disturb the measurement behavior of a bulk water meter and possibly damage the measuring insert.

The dirt filter can filter particles up to 4 or 5 mm out of the water and reliably protects the following measuring device.

Product images

Dirt filters for bulk water meters
Dirt filters for bulk water meters


Dirt filter for bulk water meters


  • No contamination of the piping by particles
  • To protect against contamination and damagevto a following water meter
  • Easy maintaining through removable insert
  • Operating pressure max. 16 bar


  • For pre-filtering of cold water and hot water up to 130° C

Product options

Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 50
  • DN 65
  • DN 80
  • DN 100
  • DN 125
  • DN 150
  • DN 200
  • DN 250
  • DN 300
  • DN 400


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