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Irrigation water meter Woltman WI-N

The WI-N water meter is designed fur use with heavily contaminated water, e.g. in agriculture, in sewage treatment plants or wastewater systems.

This field of application requires particularly robust meters that also function reliably under the most difficult conditions. Our irrigation meters guarantee this by positioning the measuring insert in the upper section of the pipe, where there is generally only a small number of suspended particles in the running water. The meter easily takes a level of impurity of up to 30% in its stride. Where there is very heavy contamination, external filters can be inserted upstream of the water meter. The factory-tested measuring insert is the same for all meter sizes and can be delivered with the following measurement accuracy:

Qmax-Qt: ± 3% (value class A+B)
Qt-Qmin: ± 5% (value class A)

The mechanical counter is completely encapsulated and hence protected against impurities. As standard, the meters are supplied with a lockable protective metal cap[nbsp] which acts as a dependable protection for the counter, even in harsh conditions. Reed pulser can be retrofitted at any time without damaging the calibration seal.

Pulser values for Woltman Meters*
DN 40 – DN 125 Standard 100 L/Imp.
DN 150 – DN 300 Standard 1.000 L/Imp.
DN 400 – DN 500 Standard 10.000 L/Imp.

(* other values on request)

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Woltman Irrigation water meter WI-N
Woltman Irrigation water meter WI-NWoltman Irrigation water meter WI-NWoltman Irrigation water meter WI-N


Irrigation water meter Woltman WI-N


  • Water meter for polluted water or as a check meter in the fresh water area
  • Simple to maintain thanks to the removable measuring insert
  • Measuring accuracy conforms with Class A
  • Water meter for horizontal and vertical installation positions

Product options

AMR Technologies
  • Reed Pulser
Housing Material
  • Cast Iron (GGG)
Length without connectors
  • 200 mm
  • 225 mm
  • 250 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 350 mm
Measuring Principle
  • Woltman Irrigation Meters
Metrological Class horizontal (max.)
  • A
Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 50
  • DN 80
  • DN 100
  • DN 125
  • DN 150
  • DN 200
Nominal Flow Qn
  • Qn 30
  • Qn 50
  • Qn 90
  • Qn 125
  • Qn 175
  • Qn 250
Operating pressure (max.)
  • MAP 16
  • Dry Dial
Specified Units on Display
  • Cubic Meters (m³)
  • Cold water up to 50° C


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