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Bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HY

The bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HY is used for paying water withdrawal from underground or above ground hydrants for irrigation, on construction sites or other temporary applications.

With the pre-assembled quick-release couplings of size C, the meter is ready for immediate use without further assembly work.
The meter is equipped with a 6-roller dry dial register (IP68) and a modulator disc. This enables electronic, reaction-free scanning and is the basis for remote reading of the meter data via radio with LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus. A combined M-Bus/pulse module is also possible. A mechanical pulser can also be connected in parallel. The housing made of aluminum and the practical stainless steel carrying handles facilitate mobile use. The generous stainless steel base ensures a secure footing even on uneven ground.

Product images

Woltman bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HY
Woltman bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HYWoltman bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HY


Bulk hydrant water meter WPD-HY

Performance characteristics in overview

  • Woltman parallel type
  • For horizontal installation
  • Housing coated inside and outside with drinking water approved powder coating
  • C size quick-release couplings
  • Carrying handle and feet made of stainless steel
  • Highest precision and reliability even in case of low flow rates
  • Flood-proof (IP68) hermetically sealed glass/copper register
  • Low starting flow and high overload security
  • Wide measuring range, low pressure loss
  • Hydraulic bearing relief
  • Long-term measuring stability
  • No straight inlet or outlet needed (U0/D0) according to OIML R49 and DIN EN ISO 4064
  • Prepared for remote reading
  • Register rotatable 355 °
  • Operating pressure MAP 16
  • Approved in accordance with MID


  • For the consumption measurement of cold and clean drinking water or service water up to 50 °C
  • For measuring high flow rates

AMR options

  • Can be combined with stationary GSM system
  • Can be retrofitted with a mechanical pulser
  • Retrofittable with EDC module (Electronic Data Capture):
    • EDC LPWAN radio module (868 MHz) for LoRaWAN®
    • EDC wireless M-Bus radio module (868 MHz)
    • EDC combined M-Bus and pulse module

Product options

Measuring Principle
  • Woltman parallel
Nominal Flow Q3 (≈ Qn)
  • Q3=40 (≈ Qn 25)
Nominal Diameter DN (mm)
  • DN 50
Metrological Class horizontal (max.)
  • R 100
Communication Technologies
  • Combined M-Bus and pulse module
  • Radio via LoRaWAN®
  • Radio via wireless M-Bus
  • Electronic Pulser
  • Radio Special System (GSM)
  • Cold water up to 50 °C
Operating pressure (max.)
  • MAP 16


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