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Mobile wireless M-Bus radio system Opera

ZENNER developed a mobile radio system especially for the remote reading of water meters, so as for heating and cooling energy meters.

The ZENNER radio system is perfectly adapted to the needs of the utility industry in terms of efficient readout processes and highest data quality. Our mobile wireless M-Bus radio system operates with unidirectional data transmission, i.e. the meters send a data protocol at specific intervals.

These radio protocols, which are encrypted according to the latest technical standards for data security reasons, are processed and stored by the MinoConnectBluetoothRadio receiver and a handheld or tablet PC running the readout software. Consumption data and associated meter parameters are then transferred from the handheld to the PC in the office or to the related server and are available for billing purposes or energy monitoring. In addition to walk-by meter reading, which has been the predominant application to date, our system is also suitable for drive-by use with suitable readout software.


  • Convenient, secure and time-saving data collection
  • Simple handling
  • Data security from recording to billing, as no errors occur due to incorrect reading or incorrect transcription of consumption values
  • Time advantage due to no need to make appointments
  • Reduction of the personnel deployment within the scope of the data acquisition
  • Cost-effective, reliable recording of consumption values, especially with increasing number of reading dates (semi-annual, quarterly, monthly)
  • Convenient data collection with appropriate readout software even possible from the vehicle (drive-by) Depending on the readout software for the handheld, the system is fully compatible with the conventional reading of standard meters without radio transmission
  • Optimal for reading shaft meters and hard-to-reach measuring points
  • By means of radio split modules, meters of all types of supply can be integrated into the system
  • Your customers perceive your company as modern and innovative
  • Open interoperable system
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Product images

water meter RTKD with wireless M-bus EDC-Modul
water meter RTKD with wireless M-bus EDC-ModulEDC communication module for wireless M-busEnergy meter zelsius C5 with integrated wireless M-bus moduleRadio receiver MinoConnectRadioSmart phone with readout software


Mobile wireless M-Bus radio system Opera

Performance characteristics in overview

  • Modular wireless M-Bus based software solution for walk-by or drive-by remote meter reading
  • Automatic reception of data from unidirectional wireless M-Bus meters (water meters and heating/cooling energy meters so as pulse modules) according to EN 13757-4
  • Different license packages adapted to individual requirements
  • Range of functions selectable depending on license (starter package to professional meter reading software incl. route guidance in the portfolio)

Product options

Communication Technologies
  • Radio via wireless M-Bus

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