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ZENNER Device Manager Basic

The ZENNER Device Manager Basic combines the advantages of an intelligent and mobile software solution for the readout of our ZENNER measuring devices with the possibility to conveniently configure new devices on the go. Supported ZENNER meters are water meters with EDC radio module, impulse water meters with PDC radio module, ultrasonic water meters type IUWS & IUW in combination with NDC, heat meters zelsius© C5 and measuring capsule meters with the micro radio module. The ZENNER Device Manager Basic can therefore be used for walk-by or drive-by meter reading. In addition to radio readout, the app also offers the function of configuring the above-mentioned meters via their respective interfaces.


The ZENNER Device Manager Basic is available for download to all ZENNER customers via Google Play Store. The app can be downloaded to the selected mobile device and activated using a transmitted QR code.

If you do not yet have access to the ZENNER portal, you can register quickly and easily: https://mssportal.zenner.com/

You can find a detailed description of the installation here.

All updates can be found in the release notes


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Device Manager Basic
Device Manager Basic


ZENNER Device Manager Basic

Performance characteristics in overview

The ZENNER Device Manager Basic is a wireles M-Bus readout and configuration application.


  • For wireless M-Bus readout of radio compatible ZENNER meters
  • Configuration of ZENNER measuring devices



  • Android 8.0 or higher Version
  • Camera enabled mobile device
  • Bluetooth interface
  • NFC interface
  • For wireless M-Bus reading a handheld reader MinoConnectBluetoothRadio is additionally required.


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